Join our franchising program. We offer a catalog with the best products on the market, for which we guarantee 100% natural origin: CBD oils, CBD flowers, hemp food, natural cosmetics, Kratom and many more. Our three years of experience in the market give us a sufficient view of the CBD world. We already have 4 stores open in Prague and we are expanding further. But how would our cooperation work in the beginning? We will explain it to you in a few basic steps.

1 - Store design and customization

Are you going to open your first store and start a business? Great! If we do not count the legal obligations, your only task is to find the perfect place for your Cbd Area Shop, and our team of interior designers will take care of everything else. Starting with custom furniture after adapting the design philosophy of CBD Area.

2 - Exclusive right

Are you afraid of too much competition with the same products? You don't have to! After signing the contract, you will automatically become the exclusive seller of CBD Area products in your area. What does this mean for you? You will be the only seller of our high quality cannabis products in the locality.

3 - Customized design for online and offline advertising

Our web designers will create flyers and posters for your inaugural event, personal business cards and product brochures. Whenever you need to create advertising material, you will have our graphic designer at hand.

4 - Training in products and sales techniques

We offer a training course dedicated to owners and sales assistants, where you will learn everything you need to become a professional in the world of cannabis business and at the same time provide customers with accurate information about cannabis products.

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