Exceptionally, CBD can have negative effects if we do not follow certain rules and recommendations. How to prevent them? And what else to look out for when choosing a specific CBD product? Today, products containing cannabidiol, ie CBD, are available almost all over America, not only in pharmacies, but also in small convenience stores. In Europe, this trend is slower, but still evident. Although we are one of many, we are also one of the few who try to bring verified information from serious sources and for whom the CBD is not just a dairy cow. So that you don't run into Schlings and sellers who don't really care if they sell aliexpress or CBD trinkets, all you have to do is carry them out, we've prepared 5 tips on how not to fly when buying a CBD.

1. Manufacturer

CBD is sold as a dietary supplement, so the safety of the product is regulated by law, but the specific composition of the product depends on each manufacturer. Therefore, the quality of comparable products may differ significantly from competing brands. Always choose verified manufacturers who have good, authentic reviews from real customers.

2. Product quality and composition

The quality of cannabis and other ingredients in the product is also important. CBD oil may be contaminated during the cannabis growing and product manufacturing process. These contaminants can subsequently lead to side effects of cannabidiol on the human body.

What can CBD oils be contaminated with?

  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Organic solvents
  • Microbes (ie mycotoxins, bacteria, fungi)

Unfortunately, you do not know the contamination of CBD oils (or thank God) during use, they can only be detected in laboratory analyzes. Therefore, buy exclusively from certified companies with quality hemp products such as US.

Our products are optimized for their concentration for maximum efficiency, laboratory tested and safe.

3. Dosage

The ideal daily dose of CBD for each individual can vary greatly depending on age, weight, metabolic rate, reason for CBD use, and other factors. Nevertheless, we do not recommend significantly exceeding the recommended daily dose, which you will always find on the box or on the product's website. Wondering why? Can CBD harm in large doses?

You don't have to worry. For example, according to the WHO, CBD does not have significant negative effects on animal behavior unless extremely high doses are administered (eg above 150 mg / kg in monkeys). And that's really a lot! This corresponds to approximately 6 bottles of CBD oils consumed at once in an adult. With regular doses of CBD, you don't have to worry about overdose at all.

dávkování cbd

4. Taking CBD with medication

The use of CBD drops, oils and capsules is not excluded with the use of drugs, but one thing needs to be careful - timing. Why? Cannabidiol alias CBD interacts with CYP 450 enzymes in the liver, which are responsible for the absorption of medicines and drugs, so it may limit their effects (such as antibiotics, antivirals or antidepressants). Thus, taking CBD at the same time as medications can potentially affect their effects, either enhancing or weakening their effects ... And no one wants that. Therefore, we recommend taking CBD drops at least a few hours apart. At the same time, we do not recommend taking blood thinners. Therefore, please consult your doctor for any consumption.

5. Allergies to cannabis or other substances

Some people are allergic to cannabis or cannabis seeds, so they may have a reaction to cannabis products such as CBD oils. If you have experienced such a reaction in the past, do not take CBD products and consult your doctor.

Sometimes, however, there are reactions in people who do not have a problem with cannabis. How is it possible? Again, the quality and composition are to blame. Most allergies to CBD products are caused by chemical additives and preservatives used in the production rather than by cannabidiol itself ... Therefore, as it turns out again, it is important to choose a quality manufacturer. All products from The CBD Area are laboratory tested, so you don't have to worry about anything ...


  1. Check the composition of the products
  2. Shop from verified brands
  3. Do not exceed the recommended CBD dosage
  4. Take CBD and medication at intervals and in consultation with your doctor
  5. Beware of allergies